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Our First Sight Screening

Our Mission is to ensure that the children of today get the chance to see their future.

And that's just what we did at our first sight screening day, held at a local underprivileged primary school on the outskirts of an unformal settlement.  

This Educational Center is more than just a school, setup by passionate local teacher on a mission to provide children with a safe and nurturing education full of rich opportunities to learn. The school provides Early Childhood Learning and Primary education.

In August we worked together to launch Eyes of Africa’s very first outreach program. Testing more than 100 children, from Grades R through to Grade 5. 24 of these children were referred to see an Optometrist for further testing, 2 children needed to see an Ophthalmologist for more severe eye issues and specialized treatment and 2 children to see a normal GP for allergies interfering with their vision. 

Screening these children and identifying what might compromise their performance in the classroom, has advantaged their future massively. 

The day started with an Educational and fun puppet show to illustrate what testing your eyes means and how needing and getting a pair of glasses can change your world. 

Then, over two days, we screened the children. On the last day, we ended off with boerewors rolls and treats for all the children as well as a pack of goodies, such as a fake pair of card glasses. The reports from their testings were sent home for their parents to stay up to date.

At present, all children needing an oppointment with an Optometrist have been booked in, and the two girls needing an Ophthalmologist have already been. Make sure to follow our updates to find out how it went.

Thank you for your support! 

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