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At Last, Sight

This is the brave face of a young girl who almost lost her vision.

During our recent, and very first outreach day at a local Primary School, this young girl failed her testing and was referred to a specialist for severe allergies that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Unbeknownst to her parents and teachers, this issue was bigger than they all imagined.

Having noticeable affects to her eyes, her Mother had always been concerned about her vision and after taking her to multiple Doctors, the main consensus was that it was just allergies to the local fauna and flora.

After our screening it was noted that she did indeed have severe allergies, but it had caused a film of blisters over her eyes, and they had lost their shape completely, potentially leaving her in quite a serious amount of pain. This was later confirmed by her Ophthalmologist that she had adapted to the pain, and it had become a normal part of her daily life.

Her Ophthalmologist explained to her Mom that her vision was about to close, any time soon and she would be left blind.

She was put onto a treatment plan, taking two different medicated eyedrops 3x a day, and to everyones surprise, there was a noticeable difference within 3 short days.

After her recent follow up with her Dr. she is on the mend and her eyes are in a much better condition and with continuous treatment, going blind is no loner an option. She is doing much better in class, and according to her Mom, her confidence in life in general has grown massively.

There is so much hope in this story, and along with your help, Eyes of Africa is honoured to play a part in changing the narrative of this young girls future.

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