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Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes, and take a moment to imagine a life without vision. Maybe you can, or maybe like me, it’s unimaginable. It is so ‘human’ to take something like our sight for granted, we open our eyes in the morning and ‘see’ without a second thought.

Globally the most common eye problem is uncorrected vision - In Africa alone, a staggering half of the children in institutions for the blind would be able to read normal to large print with the help of glasses or other inexpensive equipment. 

At present, parents and schools lack the funding and resources to do adequate checks to assist those suffering and low vision aid services are in their infancy in most developing countries.

Poor vision is a clear barrier to education and employment, trapping children in poverty and a lifetime of disadvantage and something as simple as a pair of spectacles could open doors to life-changing educational, health and livelihood opportunities.

We forget that our sight connects us to the outer world, and if R50 is what stands between a child and sight, then take my money!Many worldwide problems are difficult to solve, this one is not.

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